Create a Clarity Account


This page explains what a Clarity account is and how to create one.

Create Your Clarity Account

Fill out the form below and click the "Create Account" button to create your account.

Create Your Account
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2. Choose a Password

Write down or save your password. You may need it to sign into Clarity in the future.

3. Create Your Account
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Why Create an Account

You can use Clarity without creating an account.

But, by creating and using your account, you can also:

Creating an account can also help you if you want to use Clarity with someone else, so you can show them what you think they need to see.

Account FAQs

Do I have to create an account to see and use everything in Clarity?

Almost everything in Clarity can bee seen and used without an account. Certain features that need to save your information in order to work will not be available to you if you do not create an account. For example, you can not save pages as "Favorites" for returning to later if you are not signed into an account.