About Clarity


This page has information about Clarity and the people behind it.

What Is Clarity?

Clarity is a website designed to help people make financial and legal plans so they are prepared for a time in life when they may need help. Clarity was first developed for people with memory difficulties, but has evolved to become a resource for anyone who may need help managing daily finances at some point in life.

The information and resources provided by Clarity are available to visitors free of charge. Clarity does not deliver advertisements or paid content, and does not share user data with advertisers or others.

Who Runs Clarity?

Clarity is developed and delivered by People Designs (a small business based in North Carolina) and the UCSF-UC Law SF Consortium on Law, Science, & Health Policy (a university institute in California). Partial funding is provided by grant #5R44AG074131 from the National Institute on Aging (an agency of the US government).

Clarity is NOT affiliated with any financial or for-profit legal service providers or companies or with any governmental agencies.

The Clarity Team

Clarity is maintained by a dedicated team of professionals committed to providing a useful, usable, accurate tool for a diverse set of users.

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Contacting Clarity

We want to hear from you! Please send an email message and we will reply as soon as possible.

Email: inquiry@planforclarity.org


Where does the information in Clarity come from?

The information in Clarity is based primarily on published peer-reviewed research, legal research, government reports, and nonpartisan/nonprofit reports. We never use information from or send users to organizations with a conflict of interest. The content in Clarity is written and produced by the Clarity team, in consultation with other experts around the country. It does not include sponsored content or machine generated information (AI).