It is time to plan for financial and legal needs later in life.

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Who is Clarity For?

Clarity is for anyone who may need help managing their finances someday. That is just about everyone.

Clarity can be especially helpful for people with memory difficulties or conditions that may cause memory and thinking difficulties in the future.

Clarity is also for caregivers who help someone manage their finances and care.


What Will Clarity Do For Me?

Clarity gives you easy-to-use web pages and videos with personalized information and action steps to help you plan. You can:

  • Learn the financial and legal planning steps you can take.
  • See how to choose and inform the people who will help you later.
  • Learn how to make your wishes official through legal documents.
  • Get help communicating your wishes to others.

Clarity Is Trustworthy

The information in Clarity comes from well-respected sources. It is written by real professionals with one mission — to help YOU!

Clarity is NOT affiliated with any financial or for-profit legal service providers or companies. Clarity does not advertise, does not include paid content, and does not share user data with advertisers or others.

Clarity Is Private

Information you provide while using Clarity is kept between you and Clarity. We will not share your information with others unless you tell us to. We will not contact you unless you ask us to. We follow strong privacy and security practices to keep your information private. You can use Clarity without providing any information.

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